Ever since I was knee high to a grasshopper, I've liked to dream big, ask questions, solve problems, and build things.  I am currently looking to further my career where there is an opportunity to learn, grow professionally, and keep doing those things I like!

The entrepreneurial spirit inside of me, combined with my love of mini golf, has helped create my goal and plan of building a mind-blowing family entertainment center.  See Mini Golf Info page for more details!

I'm not after wealth, power, or popularity.  My aim with these goals, and my life, is to be a trophy of God's grace and mercy.  Hate me or love me, I really don't care, because I know that my significance is not based on people's opinion, approval, or my performance.

Thank you for visiting my site!

Jordan Coleman

Business Professional,
‚ÄčIndependent Contractor,
and Entrepreneur

‚ÄčBorn in AL, raised in SC, and currently riding the roller coaster of life in Western Michigan!